The primary Darkness aspect, Stasis, was launched to Future 2 virtually three years in the past, and since then, Stasis has undergone many modifications since its debut. With buffs, nerfs, and modifications to the weapons themselves, Stasis holds a lot worth in endgame content material. So in the present day, we’re going over the Prime 10 Stasis Weapons in Future 2 as of the Lightfall DLC and Season of the Deep. Additionally, as a fast PSA: This record is in no specific order.

Depraved Implement

Destiny 2 Exotic Stasis Scout Rifle
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

Kicking off the record is likely one of the latest Unique Stasis weapons to affix the fray, the Depraved Implement Scout Rifle.

This gun acquired plenty of backlash from the group went it was first launched a few weeks in the past for not being as potent as they had been hoping. Bungie has already confirmed the gun will obtain some substantial buffs when Season 22 arrives in late August.

Nonetheless, that shouldn’t take away from how robust the weapon truly is. It’s no ad-clearing machine, however the gun is nice for one major gimmick; that being it’s capability to freeze targets and hold them that manner. Touchdown a number of precision hits will sluggish and finally freeze the enemy being shot at.

It’s not nice for coping with many minor enemies, however this weapon actually shines towards greater enemies like Champions. They, specifically, are fairly weak to getting frozen, and the Depraved Implement does a fantastic job at retaining them caught in place, permitting the fireteam to demolish them with ease.

You may purchase this weapon by finishing the Unique Fishing quest from Hawthorne.

Chain of Command

Destiny 2 Stasis LMG
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

Stasis LMGs are in brief provide nowadays, however the Chain of Command Pinnacle weapon is a superb instance of what a Pinnacle weapon ought to appear like.

The gun has aged like superb wine with nice stats, improbable perk choice, and all-around nice build-crafting utility. Gaining access to the Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie particularly makes the weapon essential for almost each Grenade construct within the recreation. Demolitionist grants 10% Grenade vitality for each kill you get, whereas Adrenaline Junkie offers the gun a 50% enhance in injury after getting a Grenade kill.

Sadly, Stasis Grenade builds are much less potent than the opposite subclasses, however the weapon can nonetheless be used irrespective of which subclass you run. Total, the Chain of Command is a superb heavy weapon that provides the Stasis aspect a shining ray of hope for build-crafting.

You may purchase this gun by buying it from the Unique Kiosk within the Tower.

Conditional Finality

Destiny 2-Exotic Raid Shotgun
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

Weapons that deal a number of sorts of elemental injury are scarce, and the brand new Unique Stasis Shotgun, Conditional Finality, is the primary gun to deal two separate varieties in fast succession.

In a two-round journal, the primary shot offers Stasis injury, permitting the person to freeze an enemy if many of the pellets join, whereas the second shot offers Photo voltaic injury, exploding them if many of the shells hit.

This weapon virtually immediately stole the hearts of Future 2 gamers, because it shortly turned viable in nearly each exercise of the sport. We’ve seen weapons just like the Hardlight or Lifeless Messenger that may swap between elemental varieties, however we’ve by no means seen a weapon shoot one aspect and instantly swap to a different.

The freeze after which combusting side makes it a Champion slayer for PvE content material, and the freeze shot is a nightmare for shutting down opposing Guardians of their tremendous for PvP. It’s little shock, then, that the gun has not seen any lower in utilization because it was launched with the Root of Nightmares raid in March. Until a nerf is deliberate for it, it’s doubtless these numbers gained’t be dropping anytime quickly.

You may purchase this gun by defeating the ultimate boss of the Root of Nightmares Raid, Nezarec, although it isn’t assured and will take a number of makes an attempt earlier than acquiring it.

Chilly Consolation

Destiny 2 Stasis Rocket Launcher
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

One of many latest weapons added with Season of the Deep, the Chilly Consolation Stasis Rocket Launcher from the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon shortly turned a boss slayer for PvE content material.

Gaining access to the Bait and Change perk is already a large win for the gun, as Bait and Change is at the moment probably the most very important perk within the recreation for pure injury, a whopping 35% enhance, to be exact. Nonetheless, with the launch of Season of the Deep, the Envious Assasin perk acquired a large overhaul and buff, permitting the gun to overflow from reserves and, in a Rocket Launcher’s case, placing multiple shot within the journal.

Rocket Launchers with the ability to shoot greater than as soon as in a single journal is essential for endgame injury towards bosses, and with the correct construct, the Chilly Consolation can comfortably shred any boss in its path with ease (pun supposed).

Hopefully, we’ll see extra weapons like this in future Seasons. The weapon will be acquired by finishing encounters within the Ghost of the Deep Dungeon.

Ager’s Scepter

Destiny 2 Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

Advert-clearing Stasis weapons are arduous to come back by, however the Unique Stasis Hint Rifle, Ager’s Scepter, is likely one of the few exceptions. Merely put, you level the gun towards an enemy, defeat them, and freeze all the pieces round them.

The weapon itself doesn’t deal plenty of injury, so it isn’t nice for coping with yellow-bar enemies like Champions, however towards waves of pink bars, there are only a few weapons that may replicate what the Ager’s Scepter can. Kill one enemy, freeze your complete squadron round it, rinse and repeat.

It isn’t an understatement to say this gun is the center and soul for an abundance of PvE Stasis builds. You may purchase this weapon by buying it from the Unique Kiosk within the Tower.


Destiny 2 Stasis Fusion Rifle
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

Lord Shaxx is related to the Crucible and PvP actions, so one would usually assume the weapons he presents could be finest suited to PvP video games. Nonetheless, in a uncommon flip of occasions, one of many weapons he launched throughout Season of the Haunted, the Riptide Stasis Fusion Rifle, has arguably develop into some of the used PvE weapons within the recreation.

That is because of the improbable mixture of the Auto-loading Holster and Chill Clip perks that the Riptide has entry to. Auto-Loading Holster will robotically reload the weapon when stowed, whereas Chill Clip will first sluggish after which freeze an enemy after two bursts.

This mixture is solely top-tier for endgame content material the place freezing formidable enemies like Champions or Yellow-Bar foes is essential. A main instance could be freezing the Taken Ogres in the course of the Oryx battle of the King’s Fall Raid. Typically, destroying enemies in a single shot isn’t at all times the most suitable choice, and the Riptide is the proper “help” weapon the sport has seen in years.

You may purchase this one by finishing PvP actions.


Destiny 2 Stasis Hand Cannon
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

Getting back from Future 1, the Eyasluna Hand Cannon was reborn right into a Stasis weapon and has dominated the Crucible since its launch in the course of the Thirtieth-anniversary occasion.

Whereas it doesn’t emphasize its Stasis aspect talents, the gun has top-tier stats and a fantastic perk pool. Particularly, giving the weapon Rangefinder and Shifting Goal is solely ludicrous, making it destined to shine shiny within the Crucible. Rangefinder will increase the gun’s total vary when aiming down sight, whereas Shifting Goal will increase the goal acquisition.

It’s basically a match made in heaven for any PvP weapon. To at the present time, the Eyasluna Hand Cannon stays some of the used weapons in PvP. You may acquire it by finishing encounters within the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon.

Pacific Epitaph

Destiny 2 Stasis Grenade Launcher
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

We’ve already mentioned how weapons which have entry to Demolitionist are a step above the remainder. Now, the first-ever Stasis Waveframe Grenade Launcher, the Pacific Epitaph, provides to that.

Waveframe Grenade Launchers have been dominating the PvE endgame for a few years now, and in the end, we lastly have one with the Stasis aspect. Including the icing on the cake, the weapon was additionally blessed with the Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie perks, just like the Chain of Command LMG.

As talked about above, Stasis Grenade builds could possibly be in a greater spot, however the weapon matches very properly in different Grenade builds, particularly with the Mild subclasses. On prime of that, not like the Chain of Command, the Pacific Epitaph is a particular weapon, making it simpler for the construct to synergize with out the necessity of heavy ammo.

Total, this weapon was a much-needed addition to the Waveframe household and one other shining ray of hope for Stasis weapons on the whole. You may purchase it by finishing encounters within the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon.


Destiny 2 Season 19 Stasis Pulse Rifle
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinfinite

In the event you’ve been enjoying PvP for the previous two Seasons, then you understand by now that Excessive-Affect Pulse Rifles are dominating the sandbox, and the Disparity Stasis Pulse Rifle isn’t any exception.

Launched throughout Season of the Seraph, the Disparity is basically a strong weapon with good stats and a fantastic perk pool. Nonetheless, the current buff to the Headseeker perk pushes it over the sting, permitting the gun to extra constantly two-burst opposing Guardians with ease. Mix Headseeker with Speedy Hit, which grants elevated Reload Velocity on precision hits, and also you’ll have a two-bursting Pulse Rifle with near-instant reload, shredding any enemy in your path.

You may nab this gun by buying it from Banshee when he has it obtainable in a given week.


Destiny 2 Stasis Fusion Rifle
Picture Supply: Bungie by way of Twinifnite

Stasis Fusion Rifles like Riptide have an innate benefit of being within the first slot in comparison with vitality Fusion Rifles, and the Deliverance isn’t any exception.

Whereas it doesn’t utterly substitute the Riptide as a “help” weapon, the Deliverance greater than makes up for it with its top-tier perk pool for each PvE and PvP actions. Want a Stasis Fusion Rifle that may simply freeze Champions with Chill Clip? Go for it. Want a PvP Fusion Rifle that may map opposing Guardians with minimal effort? Rock on. The Deliverance can do all of it.

Nonetheless, the worth to acquire such a weapon is far steeper in comparison with the Riptide. To accumulate it, you should full encounters within the Vow of the Disciple Raid.

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